Bring closer woven craft from women microenterprises
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Personal Reflection

Learning Experience

After two years of managing a start-up microenterprise, I’ve come to some points had been tickled me to highlight the relevance and importance for others to benefit from the lesson learned. It is all on going process and ‘alive’ working tools for me.
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Reflection # 1
Dreamweaver: ‘the Oprah Effect’ and ‘Anna Wintour Impact’

Everybody knows Oprah Winfrey with 44 million viewers per week for weekly talk show she commanded for 25 years. CNBC aired this special program exploring impact created by Oprah recommendations on products she loves. Not only translating the powerful number above into big sale, but in one interesting case of Carol’s Daughter, a bath and beauty business founded in Lisa Price’s kitchen in Brooklyn, New York, she basically gave ‘stamp approval’ and changing no names into brand names. Carol’s Daughter website nearly crashed from the high volume of orders not long after Oprah exposed the product on her show. Not stopping there, lines up of investor knocking her door soon afterward.

Likewise with Anna Wintour, a name has become institution rules the fashion industry with such position as Editor in Chief of Vogue. Her visit, especially one to the backstage, prior to a fashion show means her eyes spotting the couture dignity and acumen to shape up the industry. Once watched a television show she stopped by at the backstage of Alexander Wang and many translated as prominent support to young aspiring talent.

Pictures presented above definitely show casing positive endorsement and a solid support not in traditional way but interest in spreading up a good passion. Those ladies eager to promote what they believe important and useful.

I dream of influential figure keen enough to act on behalf of many relentless womanpreneur, help change public appreciation on the added value has been brought to the market. I dream it to happen in Indonesia. It is not wishing a marketing short cut but a boost to excel the result and more importantly witnessing how people become open and understand on the price value they well spent.

Reflection # 2
Esprit de Corps: Bridging Social Product for a Commercial Market

Bought the purses above during Inacraftt 2012 in one of ASEAN-Japan Trade Cooperation sponsored booths, and by looking at the price tag, I was carried away to a point of discussion in my SEED class, whether market mechanism oftentimes  unable to provide a level of playing field for small business or microenterprises.

In one way the whole story illustrates such intervention in bridging the gap between marginalized community productivity and profitability possible to tackle by (in my very own word) compassionate, angelic, semi divine agent. As agent they put their trust on the product and as gate keeper to wider market they equipped themselves with solidarity to prove the collaboration with international network to be mutually positive experiences.

The more people or institutions willing to carry the purposes, a few load of the mission to tap and create some space in the market for social product seemed already done.

Reflection #3

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Business Model – A Working Tool

As a tool, Business Model framework should be treated as an open document for us to modify and improve along with our journey of growing up the business we do.