Bring closer woven craft from women microenterprises
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Challenging facts in 2014 for Indonesia are with 171.9 million population of productive age only 1.65% is entrepreneurs. Furthermore, 96% of active entrepreneurship operated as small medium enterprises (SMEs) and approximately 60% of SMEs are managed by women.

Being a microenterprise with strong social positioning of working with women entrepreneurs or women artisans, fully aware that the value and entrepreneurial energy will not help for business sustainability without creation ingenuity and lead on production process that correspond with market demand.

It is creativity and innovation essentially elevates the business advantages. Thus, Daughter of Klaten must enhance the quality creation and competitiveness that contributes to business sustainability.

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TALENT as Strength to Grow

Anyone can own a microenterprise or small business if proper support, adequate financing and paying customer can be secured.

But more importantly, a microenterprise must come forward with creativity and innovation. With current trend changing rapidly, exploration of creativity and innovation will establish series of practices for new product development.

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SISTERHOOD as Room to Grow

The choice of developing business model with LAWE Sisterhood Initiative on production cooperation involves its 14 staffs in Yogyakarta, plus additional 30 artisans around Yogyakarta mostly women doing the work at home and in many cases distributing the jobs to smaller group of 2 or 3 members.


Another story, cooperation builds through community facilitator with 5-10 community groups around Yogyakarta organizing supply of recycled household waste to produce awul as part of Daughter of Klaten items, each with 10-20 active members. The facilitator actively engage with every group and developing her own handicraft business. Her name becomes one of Daughter of Klaten folded shopping bag, Lestari bag.

For perca, it is produced by a woman owned small business also based in Yogyakarta with 5 in-house sewers and additional 30 women work from home sewers.