Bring closer woven craft from women microenterprises
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Our Story


Responsible creation to craft every meaningful opportunity

Daughter of Klaten enthusiastically bring closer woven craft for everyday life full of design originality. And every pieces of her creation originate the traditional hand woven material directly from its source of production which from years of existence continues to serve as life source for the weaver and many other hands involved.

And Daughter of Klaten consciously chose to work with woman group and women entrepreneurs transforming rolls of beautiful threat into functional enchanting craft.

Always believing the cooperation will be the channel for women to express their potential and in the same time build up foundation for a long-term sustainable living. Her journey of investing and reinvesting success into the community will assure possibility of choice for women to craft every meaningful opportunity for their life.

Ni Wayan Lilir, Ubud, Bali

Dorkas Sewing Group, Denpasar, Bali


From woven craft celebration to recycled craft innovation

It is all started in Bali, Indonesia. Aiming to provide alternative gift options of woven craft made from various Indonesia traditional handwoven materials. Daughter of Klaten signature combination of meeting Lurik and Ikat has become clear statement of Indonesia cultural heritage promotion.

The prides of her lines not only in the design ingenuity for modern life functions, but also on the message it conveys for environmental protection and the impact it brings for every women she work with.

My passion for Indonesia traditional handwoven material has long begun since I was a university student. And during my stint as Team Leader for Central Java Recovery Program CARE International Indonesia, based in Yogyakarta was the first time I met Lawe, woman group running business under the same brand name.

Eleven days only after I officially closed the recovery program, I gave birth to my son.
Opted not to go back to work and living in beautiful island of Bali, there was only so much I could do but going back to my passion and the network I have.

Humbly launched on January 2010, as startup microenterprise, Daughter of Klaten experienced the challenges faced by many social enterprises. Undertaking the ‘social entrepreneurship’ as business approach comes with challenge to prove profitability and attitude from market toward ‘social conscious product.’

Acknowledging the concept as doable approach deems more than act of passion to reinvigorate profit for sustainability. Innovation always become the ambition to deliver uniqueness and new creativity with Lurik Ikat signature combination inspiring rich design of recycled craft to respond the growing awareness of potential market.

Daughter of Klaten is now based in Greater Jakarta, city of courage, she cravingly love, still with long way to go to bring greater good for many more people and community.

Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Harining Mardjuki ~ mother / responsible creation maker / weaver of everyday hope