Bring closer woven craft from women microenterprises
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Klaten is a district in Central Java Province, Indonesia. A place where my mother was born and raised before she left home pursuing nurse education that became her lifetime profession. Her hard work always inspired me not to easily give up while growing up together with Daughter of Klaten.

Aside from Klaten, numerous places around Indonesia are able to sustain production of its unique traditional handwoven materials named Tenun in Indonesian with many other local names, such as Lurik and Ikat. Appreciation to Batik and Tenun grows enthusiastically at present days. Daughter of Klaten goes with woven craft term as a practical way to explain craft produced with wholly or partially traditional handwoven material.

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Promoting traditional handwoven material based craft is a journey to transform market perception on ‘social conscious product’. And in the same time, we, the maker, working hard developing competitiveness to present added value through uniqueness, creativity and innovation in front of other thousand commercial items.


Taking social entrepreneurship approach is part of awareness and participation to solve community problem, and conscious strategy to position in market mechanism. Design originality and material selection serve the function to promote environmental protection. And the identity of combining Lurik and Ikat has been an effective Indonesia cultural heritage promotion.

Growing up in room of exploration, with humble purpose to broaden appreciation to Indonesia cultural beauty, Daughter of Klaten invites more people believing value within creation and unlocking potential of the many women involved.

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Daughter of Klaten launches two models of shopping bag designed to replace plastic bag. Creating set of yoga bag and mat to catch up popular trend. Picking up wooden handle sourced from Mitra Bali and APIKRI Yogyakarta of their ‘sustainable timber’ program for Shanti bag. And all followed by introducing foldable and washable soft storage from waste of household product packaging called awul. Lastly, continued developing waste of Batik garment patchwork called perca.

Looking at present trend, Lurik and Ikat deserve better appreciation especially from potential market in the urban setting within economic growth. Innovation is not only excellence in product design, quality of craftsmanship and other details, but also from the ingenuity to deliver uniqueness.


Daughter of Klaten Soft Storage Set of Two selected as Recipient of Inacraft Award 2014 on ‘Other Material Category’ and World Craft Council (WCC) Award of Excellence for Handicrafts 2014 South East Asia Programme. As well as Recipient of Indonesia Minister of Tourism Award of Creative Recycled Craft 2014 Grand Jury Selection.


Experience from developing home-based business spawned enthusiasm of sharing practical learning model to inspire other women starting up business under the framework of ‘You Your Work Your Product’. It refers to any business’ goals to achieve growth and sustainability.

Some key elements of Daughter of Klaten entrepreneurial approach are shared on starting up a microenterprise, effort to scaling up the business and heading toward sustainability.